3 Reels Slots

Canadian players spend a lot of hours gambling on the Internet. Most often, novice players choose 3 reel slots. In the article below you will discover the main features of these slot machines, what types and titles are represented in Canadian gambling for now, what bonuses you can get by playing 3 reel slots, and other unique information. Keep reading to find out interesting things.

Features of 3 Reel Slots

So, many of you probably know that online casino slot machines are equipped with reels. These electronic items spin on the screen, giving the casino user new combinations of symbols. The number of reels can be different. The very first virtual casino machines came with 3 reels.

Although video games with 3 reels appeared many years ago, they are still presented on many Canadian websites today. Players pick such machines because they are very easy to play. And, by the way, the winnings in such slots can be quite large.

Some gamblers believe that 3 reel slot machines are created only for beginners. The design in such slots is simple, without numerous symbols and special effects. But casino experts are sure that 3 reel games bring the most frequent winnings with the lowest financial risk. In these games, you will find a reduced number of characters. Therefore, if you were able to catch these prize combos, then you can count on higher payouts.

Such slots are also profitable because they often include multipliers and wild symbols. And these are your additional chances to reach success in the round. Today in Canadian gambling you will find 3 reel slots from some successful providers, who create high-rated slot machines for the best online casinos.

How to Play 3 Reel Slots

If you have already tried to play casino slots once, then 3 reel slot machines will not look significantly different in mechanics and rules. To launch this game on the device, you need to top up your account and place a bet. Also, you can run a 3 reel slot without money if the game has a demo mode.

How to place bets in such a slot? The player makes a bet on the line. He can bet a certain amount on one line or choose several lines at once for the game. Casino professionals are sure, you need to bet on all lines. This is the only way success may come and you will earn a large pot!

Each slot comes with a number of limits on betting. Therefore, if you have already put money on the balance, find out what is the limit for betting on a single line. Maybe you wish to play big to achieve maximum. There is also a limit on the highest bets in the 3 reel slots.

What does it look like in practice? Imagine, you have launched a 3 reel slot with 10 fixed pay lines. Bets range from 0.1 to 1 credit, and you decide to take a risk to earn a lot. To do this, you choose the rate – 1 credit per line. And so, each round will cost you 10 credits – 1 credit for 10 pay lines. Some video slots offer a diverse range of line bets, as well as the number of lines.

After the bets are made, you make your first spin. Paylines are used as a marker for winning combinations. The game grid consists of reels and rows, like in a spreadsheet, only instead of values, there are different symbols. All you have to do is match the symbols in the upper, middle, or lower rows to win. As soon as you catch a winning combination, coins will be showered on your balance based on your bet.

Best 3 Reels Slots to Play

Do you want to play the top 3 reel slots? If so, then we present you with a unique rating of the best slot machines from this category for the fall of 2021. These video games are the most popular among Canadian players.

  1. Jackpot 6000

An awesome video slot with interesting graphics and simple navigation. The developers have set a low variance in it. What does it mean? This means that winning combinations often fall out here. But the payouts in such a game will not be very high. The plot is based on fruit fights. The key feature of the Jackpot 6000 slot is its progressive jackpot. That reward is won, when three wild symbols appear on the same pay line.

  1. Wheel of Fortune

Another exciting game where even a beginner can win quickly. The RTP coefficient in the Wheel of Fortune is quite high, and so you can earn big cash here. The gameplay is smooth and easy, without failures and complex tasks. Also, here you can win the jackpot.

  1. Double Diamond

Do you like bright games and jewels scattered everywhere? Then the 3 reel slot “Double Diamond” was created just for you. This slot machine is the highest standard of classic casinos of all time.

  1. The Wizard of Oz

Another cool thing with three reels that will hook those of you who adore fairy-tale plots. The video game offers a variety of options that remain interesting for hours. Although most players name it the Wizard of Oz, the gambling version is called “The Road to the Emerald City” and includes videos, a spinning wheel, and rewards for free spins.

  1. Super Times Pay

This stunning 3 reel slot machine retains almost everything we know and love about classic games but adds new features and sparkle. This is a real masterpiece of the modern gambling industry. You can try it in the demo version or for money.

The Evergreen 3 Reel Slots

There are casino games that never go out of fashion. For example, slot machines with 3 reels, which are also called evergreen games. These slot machines appeared in the gambling space several years ago but today they are still incredibly popular. What is special about these games and why do they attract users so much?

Evergreen 3 reel slots are games that are distinguished by a unique design, unlike other slot machines. Also, evergreen video slots have a high level of RTP and a high payout ratio. Therefore, the demand for these games does not pass. We offer you a list of the 5 most popular slot machines with 3 reels from the evergreen category:

  • Booming Seven Deluxe
  • Diamond Empire
  • Ultra Hot Deluxe
  • Big Win Cat
  • Romeo

You can launch any game from our list first in a free format. But choose to play only a legal Canadian casino to be sure of security.

How to Win

If you play 3 reel slots, you will never experience discomfort or tension. Gaming flow goes smoothly even for a novice. There are not so many options in such slots, so it will only take you a couple of minutes to understand the mechanics of the 3-reel machine.

Playing these games is easy; you click the button to activate the reels and start. Most of them have a single pay line but you can also come across titles with three or even five options. To play with 3 or 5 lines, you will have to tap another button to initialize the credits per line, and then press the “Spin” so that the 3-reel machine starts spinning. If you are lucky, you will get one of the winning combinations.

To win in such a game, you need to practice first in a free mode. This way you will understand the point of the game and at the same time, you will keep your money. Also, to win more often in slots with 3 reels, casino experts recommend placing small bets but on all the pay lines.

3 Reels Slots Bonuses

Video slots in modern casinos provide gamblers with bonus features. They are different in each slot. If you play with three reels, then you will get extended bonus features, free spins rounds, additional multipliers, and some other privileges. The main symbols in such slot machines are the Scatter and Wild. The more often you catch them on the screen, the more bonus points will come to your account.

Those games are perfect options for Canadian players, who want to play simple slot machines and enjoy the benefits that modern video games can offer.

Which Slot Machines Payout Better

Surely you want to know which slot machine brings you the higher win? If you play a 3 reel slot, then these machines usually give low payouts. In addition, due to the low variance in these games, it is very difficult to break a big win. You will win by playing 3 reels slots but not as often as in 5 reel slots. But this does not mean that such slots cannot bring you victory.

Some experienced gamblers prefer machines with 3 reels, as there is a wide paytable. Also, you can win because you place bets on a single pay line. For example, if you bet 0.25 per spin in a slot with 25 pay lines, you are betting 0.01 per bet line. On the other hand, the same bet on a slot with one pay line means that you bet all 0.25 on one line. It means pretty high winning odds for you because if you get a good win, the bet-to-win ratio will be much higher than winning in a slot with 25 lines.

Why Are 3 Reel Slot Machines Still so Hot on the Market?

Slot machines with 3 reels and no deposit bonuses are really popular among gamblers in Canada. Among their main advantages, we have collected the following.


Here are 3 basic pros:

  • Simple gameplay

These gambling machines are the best start for any beginner in the casino. They provide a simple visual design that is easy to understand. Even if you try a new 3-reel slot without knowing its rules, you will easily handle that.

  • A variety of modes

3 reel slots online are available in different formats. You can play them without real bets or for money. You can install them on your device and play offline or launch the game in an instant mode without downloading and registering. Virtual slots with 3 reels are a great chance for those users, who doubt their ability to play.

  • High payouts

If you play in demo format, then you will get joy but never money. Choosing slots with 3 reels for real cash you may hear the pleasant ringing of falling coins on your game balance pretty soon. Practice in free mode, learn how to win, and then big payouts in 3 reels games.


There are a couple of drawbacks as well. We have discovered only two disadvantages of playing such video slots:

  • Boring gameplay

To play 3 reel machines may seem a pretty boring activity to some players. Its gameplay is pretty predictable, as there are only 3 reels, 1 line, and a small number of symbols. Therefore, after a couple of hours, users may get bored and quit the gaming session.

  • Limited bets

Another big disadvantage of 3 reel slots is the limited betting choice. The number of lines, as well as the values of the bets on the line, vary slightly. While this may suit gamblers on a tight budget, some users will never enjoy the thrill of betting in 3-reel slots.


In 2021, there are many well-known gaming providers whose portfolio includes a wide range of 3 reel slots online. Canadian users prefer classic games from top developers:

Developer Best slot


Royal Respin Deluxe machine comes with the latest functions of the virtual games scene. Playtech has done a great job at recreating the 3-reel gaming experience while improving on the standard formula.


Pragmatic Play


Treasure Horse game is one of the most wanted 3 reel slots products made by that provider.


Play’n GO


One of its top products is the Eye of the Kraken slot. It takes the classic 3-reel formula and tries to improve upon it by adding features from modern video slots.




Mega Joker by NetEnt is one of the most innovative 3-reel slots currently out in the online gambling industry.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Free 3 Reel Slots for Fun

Many gamblers choose free games just for fun. What are the advantages of 3 reel slots for fun?

  • Such games are easy to play without financial risks.
  • Free games are perfect options for a newbie to casino games.
  • 3 reel slots free games are also a good idea to try out so that a player can try different variations before spending real cash.
  • These video games guarantee your safety because there is no download required for you to play them.
  • With the free games, you do not have to submit your details or fill forms.

Disadvantages are:

  • You will not be able to earn real money by playing in free mode.
  • 3 reel slots for fun without money have limited options and may seem too simple and boring.


Is playing the 3 reel slot online safe?

Yes, but only if you are playing certified slots at the licensed casinos.

Do I have to download software to play?

No. Today many slot machines with 3 reels are available in the instant round mode – without registration and download.

Can I play 3 reel slots for real money?

Yes, you can not only play 3 reel slots but also earn money on a game. Place bets with real cash and get a chance to become rich.

Are 3 reel slots offered on mobile devices?

Modern developers of the 3 reel slot produce these games on the HTML5 platform. It means you can run such a game on any device, including a cell phone.