Progressive Jackpots in Canada

Progressive jackpot slots are endlessly attractive to players because the final amount is constantly increasing. Despite the rather insignificant chance of hitting such a jackpot, many players hope and continue to spin the reel.

All self-respecting gambling platforms have progressive jackpot slots in their arsenals. Also, some provide the opportunity to win such an unusual prize when playing at an online casino.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are some views on the progressive jackpot classes. On the one hand, they are divided into:

  • Local progressives. Such a prize is played within one platform, and one or several slot machines are involved in the formation of the budget. Of course, there are small amounts of jackpots, but at the same time, the probability of winning increases. That this is a club jackpot.
  • Autonomous progressives. This type of winning is generated only on one machine, has a small payout amount for combinations, but there is a chance to win a large amount in one spin;
  • In this case, a large number of players around the world participate in the formation of the winnings, and the existence of the jackpot is regulated by an external gambling company. The rate increases for a long time, the chances of winning such a jackpot are very small.

Fun fact: The largest amount of money won at an online casino is €18.9 million and was won in 2018.

There is another way of looking at how online progressive jackpots can be classified:

  • The jackpot is received by the player who has a certain combination on the slot machine. Also, sometimes gigantic winnings are distributed to players completely randomly.
  • Jackpot, which is won during the main or bonus round. If the first option involves just spinning the wheel and hoping for luck, then in the second case, first get into the bonus round.
  • The jackpot can be played in one game or in a whole series presented on the gambling platform. Each website determines how it will use the tools it uses. Usually, you can learn more about the rules by reading in the “Promo” section about this particular jackpot.
  • Only one lucky person or several participants in the game will receive the jackpot. Some gambling platforms prefer to split a large amount, for example, 70% was given to the main winner, and the remaining 30% was divided among other players.

The jackpot winnings may depend on your bets or be determined in advance. Each platform, which provides popular online progressive slots, has its own max winning.

What are the Pros and Cons of Progressive Slots?

The advantages of online progressive slots are obvious:

  • You have a chance to win not $100, $200, or even a thousand dollars, but several hundred thousand or even millions at once. Every gambling platform player dreams of hitting such a jackpot.
  • These are long and exciting battles for the opportunity to get a lot of money. To compete for a jackpot of this size, you will have to play a huge number – this is a truly exciting adventure in the world of the gambling industry.
  • There is an opportunity to get additional bonuses and winnings on the way to the coveted jackpot. Some of the online gambling platforms allow intermediate promoters interested in progressive jackpots.

Of course, it does not do without the disadvantages of such games:

  • Most of the platforms offering progressive slots have significant payouts in the base game. This is not surprising, because somehow it is necessary to accumulate funds to pay the jackpot to the future winner.
  • Also, sometimes websites force users to place higher bets in order to qualify for a higher payout. However, this testifies to the failure of the platform – reputable companies do not raise the plan of rates in progressive slots.
  • Every player who makes big bets on progressive slot machines runs the risk of losing heavily. Therefore, it may be worth making smaller bets in order to stay in the game for as long as possible.

The main disadvantage of progressive slots is the low probability of winning. The larger the amount, the larger the number of players, the less the probability of winning. For example, a study by the Las Vegas Sun found that the chances of owning a big win in a progressive slot can be as high as 1:25 or 1:50 million.

What are the Most Popular Progressive Slots?

First of all, the attention of players is attracted by progressive slots with big wins. In the table below you will find key information about slots from renowned developers, as well as the amounts to be won – that’s the most popular online slots in this category.

Developing company Slots Max winning ever
Microgaming Mega Moolah

Major Millions

King Cashalot

Treasure Nile

€18.9 million
Net Ent Arabian Nights

Cosmic Fortune

Playtech Beach Life

DC Super Heroes

Age of the Gods

Golden 7


$8.2 million

$1 million

$1 million

$1 million


What are Some of the Richest Winners of a Progressive Jackpot?

History has preserved many memorable moments when progressive slot machine players received huge winnings. For example, in 2018, anonymous player Mega Moolah was able to win a prize of 18.9 million euros. In 2019, another anonymous player was able to catch up with the record holder, who received $20 million as a prize.

Of the non-anonymous players, it is worth noting John Hayward, who won £13 million in 2015, Marcus Goodwin, whose luck earned him $11.6 million, John Orhardt, who was able to win $9.5 million in 2012.

Progressive Jackpot Tips and Tricks

The following few guidelines will help you play progressive slot machines effectively and hope for success:

  • Limit your budget for the game. Slot machines know how to engage players; many do not even notice how the money in the account is melting. That is why it is advisable to install Set-Budget, beyond which you will not go beyond.
  • To start the game, it is best to choose slot machines, on which the jackpot has not been won for more than 4 weeks. Then the odds are higher, and the winnings are higher too.
  • Autoplay – a useful feature that increases the chance of getting smaller jackpots, which in the future will allow you to continue playing and hope for a big win.
  • The maximum bet is your chance to get that coveted jackpot. Most progressive slot machines imply that the player can win the maximum amount only by making the maximum bets.
  • It is best to try to hit such a jackpot on classic slot machines with three machines because the more signs you have to match, the more difficult it is to succeed.
  • If you do become a winner, try not to play this slot machine for a while. At least until a new impressive prize is formed. The system can pessimize you as a winner.

And, of course, you should always remain calm and remember that this is just a game in which the chances of winning are not too great.

Progressive Jackpot History

Of course, the history of progressive jackpot casinos dates back to the history of gambling devices and the first online platforms. The first video slots appeared in the 80s of the last century and were presented by IGT. Computer screens with virtual reels made it possible to bet much more money and attract players with significant wins that were not available when playing classic slot machines of the past. Already in the late eighties, programmers began to think about progressive slot machine algorithms.

By the 90s of the last century, IGT presented their Megabucks Slots, which still hold the lead in terms of jackpots and the number of wins.

Today, every self-respecting gambling platform provides a variety of slot machines with the opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot.

Biggest Canadian Slot Jackpots

The most famous progressive jackpot games in Canada are:

  • Jackpot City Casino. One of the best websites, which has existed since 1998 and has earned the trust of a huge number of Canadian gamblers. Here you can play progressive slot machines with a minimum deposit of $10.
  • Spin Samurai. Although this platform appeared not so long ago, it is immediately obvious that the creators set their sights on creating a high-quality product. You can try your luck on progressive slot machines with a minimum deposit of $15.
  • Mucho Vegas Casino. A fairly young website for gamblers, which was able to attract the best developers (NetEnt, Play’n Go, Microgaming, and others) for cooperation. Thanks to this, you can get real pleasure from the game. The minimum deposit for a slot machine is $10.
  • A wide range of high-quality gambling content levels the young age of this platform. Players rate the website with an average of 4.7 points and the minimum deposit for a slot machine is $20.
  • National Casino. A young website partnering with Evolution Gaming allows you to start playing with $10 in your account.

When playing from Canada, it is best to trust trusted gambling websites – actually, that’s a list of best casinos online.

Top Tips for Progressive Jackpot Players

If you are in the mood to hit the jackpot, the following tips can help you:

  1. Carefully read in the terms and conditions what is the minimum bet that allows you to participate in winning the progressive jackpot.
  2. In some cases, the progressive jackpot slot is drawn only to the highest bidders.
  3. A severely limited budget is better spent on more spins with lower stakes.

Psychological preparation is an important condition for victory. Remember, if the odds of winning are 1:25 million or 1:50 million, then losing $1 doesn’t really matter. Also note: for $500, you can buy 500 lottery tickets and 500 spins of the reel; however, you will get more pleasure in the second case.

Background and Safety Check

Every gambling platform takes care of protecting its users. For this, passport and payment data are verified, payments are protected (so that attackers cannot steal your funds). You can find out more in the corresponding section of your chosen gambling website.

Deposit Funds and Contact Customer Support

It is usually possible to deposit funds to the gambling platform account to participate in the progressive jackpot using a debit card, online wallets, cryptocurrency wallets. The support service can usually be contacted by mail, by phone, using a chat window right on the site.

Play Games and Cash Out Winnings

Before you start playing, go to the “Promo” section of the site and read which slot machines allow you to participate in the progressive jackpot drawing. Go there and start playing.

You can withdraw funds on most platforms using bank transfers, online wallets, bitcoin wallets, as well as to your own card.

Is It Worth Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots?

If you want to play and try to get a huge win and are ready to take the risk – definitely worth it. But it is necessary to take into account all the risks and features of the game. Jackpots of this type require tremendous patience from the player, a willingness to make rather high bets, and, possibly, sometimes lose.

What are the Odds of Winning a Progressive Jackpot?

Unfortunately, the odds are slim – they could be roughly 1:25-50 million according to Las Vegas Sun researchers. The larger the jackpot, the fewer chances.

Which Progressive Slots are Most Popular?

The most popular progressive slots are Mega Moolah, Beach Life, Age of the Gods. Most gambling platforms have progressive slots.

Can I Play Progressive Jackpot Games for Free?

In most cases, this is not possible. It is extremely rare to find such a slot machine.

Jackpot superstitions

Some players believe that certain rituals can help them in the game. For example:

  1. Always gamble wearing red clothes.
  2. A pin, pinned head up, protects against mishaps.
  3. A ring of real jade, worn on the little finger, will help to overcome the failure of the game.
  4. If you start to be really lucky, do not wash your hands; otherwise, you will wash away all the luck from yourself.

Every gambler has their own superstitions related to winning. Someone has lucky days or a lucky sweater that maximizes luck.


Below you will find answers to popular questions related to progressive slots.

Are Progressive Slots Legal and Safe?

Yes, they are completely legal and safe. Especially if you are playing on a proven platform that is legal in Canada.